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Who are we?

We’re a team. And without being one, this wouldn’t be a Podcast. We’re A Tax Analyst, A Theologian, and a Digital Marketing Guy. We’re three individuals who connected over coffee. Those conversations are now the D’Localites Podcast. We came together plugged a mike into a phone, and 7 Episodes later – upped our game – to three microphones plugged into a mixer and a laptop with Audacity on it. We made our voices heard (SoundCloud), people wrote to us, and we’ve been Podcasting ever since.

Pure motivation, sometimes we podcasted into the night, it was fun, we podcasted from a farm – out in the middle of nowhere (We have pictures on Facebook). There were encouragements, discouragements; but we podcasted under the moon, in the Bangalore Summer sun, we had friends visit and podcast with us. We’ve been at it since 20th January 2019.

Podcasting’s been more than just an opinion; what’s interesting about a voice, is finding that voice in the wide world.

Why are we here?

There’s something beautiful about slipping into existential thought, finding yourself in conversation – about why we are here, and tackling those ancient questions of purpose.

As The Theologian often says, “Here’s is the thing”: The Mission of our Podcast is about finding a way to have a particular conversation, to be intentional in engaging with issues that matter, topics we love, and the things that challenge us. We don’t have an agenda, the purpose of our Podcast is to get our listeners to think, and engage with us, for a wider conversation.

Our Story

It’s already a journey, an adventure; a million words, a single Podcast with (so far) 4 Segments. We’ve got themes, that have emerged like phantoms from our conversations of old. The #Imperfect Segment (with its interesting origins) has been about so much that is contentious in Religion. The #Wonderlust Segment explores how travel unleashes the imagination. We do #Inreviews, discussing movies & books. #G’Local a Segment in which we talk about War, Peace, The News, and we try to make sense of what’s going on in this crazy world of ours.

We are the D’localites: we’re The Theologian, The Tax analyst, and The Digital Marketing Guy, we’re giving the Podcast a couple of years, and then what? When we’re not Podcasting, we’re usually talking to each other, and thinking about where our conversations are taking us.

New Episodes Weekly

Published Every Tuesday evening

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Meet The Hosts

A.K.A Rev

Writer / Poet / Entrepreneur and many other things. A friend to many friends, a guide to the lost, and an anchor to the wayward. He emulates humility.

Softspoken, a great guy to hang out with and willing to speak and engage in conversations with anybody about anything.

Also, a rebel gangster…

A.K.A Dr. Think.

Humour is in his DNA, has a voice to speak in limericks, raps on random, a Wordsworth.

He is a great host and engages with his listeners and often shoots an innuendo that catches people by surprise.

Brilliant reformed thinker, he is off to change the world with his voice.

If you meet him you might discount him as an extreme introvert but meet him more and you will discover the extrovert in him. He is the digital marketing guru of the podcast.

A.K.A Alex

A mind that says, ” catch me if you can” Bees.

Alex has an amazing sense of humor, she tends to bring the real you in the conversations. She is confident, bold, smart, eloquent and one that walks in pride, head held high. She remains a great friend to many from all walks of life. In conversations we find her challenging the stereotype and consoling the faint. A great literary buff with a masters over her head, literally.

She is the commanding voice of the podcast. Her favorite pass-time is to peal eucalyptus leaves. Alex is a Team counselor.

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